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What constitutes a quality delivery service?

In the logistics industry, most companies compete on price. Only a handful of logistics companies in Singapore compete on quality. PCA Masters (pcamasters.com) is one such logistics company that emphasize a lot on delivery quality. What exactly constitutes a quality delivery service?

A quality delivery service must contain these 3 components – timely delivery, safe delivery, and excellent customer service.

Every deliveries must be timely. There is a deadline to every delivery. Customers expect the deliveries to be carried out within the deadline. Most of the time, customers pay extra for tighter deadlines. It will not be fair to them if the deliveries are carried out late. Apart from monetary reasons, some customers will need the deliveries to be carried out within the deadline because they will need to have the items delivered to the recipient urgently! There may be several reasons for this tight deadline – recipients not available after the delivery deadline, there needs to be an action performed on the items by the recipients within the delivery deadline, and etc. The ability to fulfill deliveries promptly is an absolute test of the logistics companies’ quality service.

Logistics companies must also ensure that the deliveries are all carried out safely. It is also a basic expectation from customers that their items must be delivered in the original condition to the recipients. If this cannot be done, no customers will want to hand over their items to logistics companies. If the items are fragile or require special attention, the deliveryman should take appropriate actions to secure the items, such as placing the items inside boxes, and fastening them.

Excellent customer service also affect the quality of the delivery service. The logistics industry is selling a service – logistical service. For all types of service, it is generally expected from the customers that the vendor is to provide satisfactory customer service. The deliveryman should take over the items from the sender and hand over the items to the recipients with a good attitude. Furthermore, the deliveryman should be able to answer any queries the customers may have during their interactions.

Apart from these 3 components, one frequently missed out factor is the customer support service. Just because customer support service does not fall within the delivery operations, it does not mean that it will not affect customers’ impression of the delivery process. Whenever there are any issues with the deliveries, customers will call up the customer support team to inquire about the latest updates and solutions to their problems. Customers expect the customer support team to answer their queries fast, with the right solutions. This will assure customers that the logistics company has a sound operation to carry out the deliveries and update customers appropriately.

Finding Singapore logistics company for E-Commerce delivery

As an E-Commerce business owner, you will have to manage a huge array of things. From the company strategic directions down to the operational details, you will need to attend to them to make sure that everyone goes smoothly. One big operational decision is to find a logistics company in Singapore to handle your E-Commerce distribution.

In business, it is always good to have partners to take care of the things you are not good at. Deliveries are not E-Commerce businesses’ core competencies. The logistics portion is just an add-on service to their main service of providing cheap and good products. Competitive advantage is achieved mainly through their products. For example, they may have an exclusive right to distribute a certain product in Singapore. Otherwise, they may have a way to decrease the product costs through negotiations with their suppliers. Adhering to the saying that you should concentrate on your strengths, E-Commerce businesses should focus on making their products seem more valuable to their customers. Moreover, they should also think about the future opportunities and expansions for their businesses. Logistics operations should ideally be outsourced to a reliable logistics company. In most cases, the logistics company will be able to offer you a price that you cannot beat even if you carry out the logistics operations in-house! That’s how great the economies of scale are for logistics companies.

Now that you know it makes more operational and financial sense for you to outsource your deliveries to an external logistics company, you will need to find one that will fulfill your delivery profiles.

For instance, do you need the deliveries to be carried out on the same day, next day or within 2 working days? There are different types of courier services in Singapore. Moreover, do you require the deliveries to be carried out within a specific timeslot to customers or if they can be delivered to customers anytime of the day? Another consideration is whether your customers will prefer weekend delivery service too. Most logistics companies in Singapore only operates on the weekdays.

Different logistics company will operate differently and have different value propositions. Compare their value proposition and determine the one that will suit your requirements the most.