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Singapore Parcel & Documents deliveries – Who To Use?

There are companies that specialize in parcel deliveries in Singapore like Regent, while there are other courier companies that specialize mostly in document deliveries like Network Courier. Now, there are also companies like PCA Masters which specialize in both – parcels and documents deliveries! Isn’t that a dream come true?

I personally recommend that you search for and work with a courier company in Singapore that actually provides and specializes in both parcel and document deliveries. This is because some courier companies which specialize in document deliveries may only have riders and bikers and hence they may not be able to pick up parcels of any kind. This means that for parcel deliveries and document courier services, you need to find different companies. What a heck lot of hassles if you were to ask me. I use a courier company for convenience, not because I want more work for myself.

Therefore, I think that the best courier service Singapore are those provided by companies which are capable of performing small to very large deliveries (e.g. those that require vans or lorries). Even though they may be slightly more expensive for some of these services, they’re cheaper on others, and overall, they are a better choice as they provide me with lots of convenience – which is what a courier company and service should be really about.

There are only a few companies in Singapore which provide such all rounded courier services, and I highly recommend you use either one of them:

  • PCA Masters Pte. Ltd.
  • DHL Express (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  • Federal Express (s) Pte Ltd

PCA Masters, DHL Express and Federal Express provides some of the best courier services in Singapore, and I always trust them with my packages without having to worry about anything. They’re basically my one-stop courier company that I know most of my friends and I in Singapore use for local deliveries. In my opinion, the most important things that a courier company must do is to provide trusted convenience, and the three companies above certainly do that very well.