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Different Courier Services In Singapore

There are different levels of courier services in Singapore, and accordingly, different prices. Here is a post on the various types of courier services you can get in Singapore as well as their approximate price range.

First of all, there is a next day delivery service. This is the cheapest type of courier service provided by companies in Singapore. What this service entails is the courier picking up your item(s) and then delivering it before the end of the following business day. He or she would have the liberty of over 24 hours to get your item(s) delivered. If you need cheaper deliveries, then look for next day courier services.

Next of all, it is same day courier service in Singapore. Although not the cheapest, it is the most common type of delivery service. Most people and businesses which require documents to be delivered to a partner firm of customer would usually engage such same day courier services in Singapore.

The highest tier in courier services is the urgent level service. This is delivery which will be completed within 1 to 2 hours of you ordering the service. Usually for documents which are time sensitive, this type of service will be utilized. Very often, you will notice that urgent courier services are instead used by hospitals which need to deliver stool samples or blood samples. For most other businesses and people in Singapore, same day courier service is the go-to choice.

Of course, if you run an E-commerce store instead, then you would be usually needing next 2 day deliveries. This means that the courier company would be delivering your items within a span of 2 working days to your customers.

As you can already tell, courier services mainly differ only in the time frame in which the item(s) get delivered. Only E-commerce logistics is rather different as it is usually item(s) which need to be distributed to many different places across Singapore.