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Working At A Courier Company In Singapore – My Past Experience

I have worked at a courier / logistics company in Singapore for the past 10 years of my life, being a courier to being a customer service officer, and then a manager. It’s been full of ups and downs, but never a dull day. But first of all, let us start from the day where I was a courier / deliveryman, as that is where I first started my career in the courier industry.

Life as a courier

I was a part time student at Singapore Poly when I wanted to earn some extra pocket change, otherwise my parents only gave me $200 per month, barely enough for me to eat, much less go out. Therefore, I had to work, and I had a motorbike, so I figured that the best way to defray my expenditures was to be a deliveryman of sorts, so that at least I could pay for my food as well as for my motorbike sustaining costs. As a courier, I had to pick up and deliver items all around Singapore. Thankfully, as I was rather experienced in travelling around Singapore, being a courier was a relative breeze since I did not need to worry about finding out the routes using GPS e.t.c. as I knew most of the routes and places by memory.  I was a courier for 6 months before graduating from poly and joined the admin side as a customer service officer.

Life as a customer service officer

Just like any customer service officer, I dealt with all kinds of people. As you have guessed it already, weird people, cool people, stupid people, I have faced it all in the 4 years I was a customer service officer at a local courier company in Singapore.

Most customers are pretty reasonable, unlike what I’ve heard from friends who have worked at Starhub or SingTel. Thankfully. There are a few absurd customers, but they’re quite rare in reality.

After 4 years as a customer service staff, I was finally promoted to operations manager.

Life as an operations manager

As an operations manager, I have to overlook sales, our couriers as well as the customer service officer. It’s more of an overseeing job. As a courier, sometimes I don’t see the full picture. This is also the case for a customer service job. However, once I became the operations manager, I understood and found it so satisfying on why we should always focus on customer service. The entire industry had been focusing so much on prices that I think there’s a severe lack in this area.

Alright, so the above is my experience of my 10 years which I spent in the courier industry – what about you? Do you have any comments? Let me know!

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