Finding A Good Courier Company – Criteria To Look For

If you’re on the search for a courier company in Singapore to partner with, then you’re reading the right post.

First of all, is price your only main concern? If so, then I would have to recommend you to find Speedpost. Speedpost offers one of the cheapest ever local courier services you can find in Singapore. However, low service quality usually comes with cheap services, and it is the case with Speedpost too. To offer you such attractive prices, they are a completely non-negotiable bunch of people, and you would have to get your item(s) delivered at their schedule. This means for you as an E-commerce business owner,  your item(s) will be delivered within a span of approximately 1-5 days, and your poor customers in Singapore would not be able to choose when they can receive the item(s). If they’re working adults or a busy mom, they would need to sacrifice their entire days and sit at home and wait for the parcel to arrive. If prices are your main concern, go with Speedpost.

Secondly, reliability is a big issue in my opinion. If you want to get item(s) delivered, you want them to be delivered safely and promptly to your recipient. The worst thing that can possibly happen is for either the item(s) to get damaged or lost in transition. Many businesses I know in Singapore send wine bottles to their customers. I want you to imagine if you were to engage a terrible company which doesn’t take care of the products and have it all broken when it reaches your recipient. In such a situation, you would lose trust in that courier company – BUT WORST OF ALL, the recipient would lose trust in YOU! You do not want your customers to lose trust in you. Make sure to engage courier companies which are reliable and takes good care of your item(s).

Third of all, you should go with a company that has both vans as well as bikes. This is because they would be able to offer you rates ad services which are more flexible depending on what item(s) you’re sending. If you engage a courier company that only has vans, they would overcharge you for document deliveries. If you engage a courier company in Singapore that only offers bike courier services, you would find it difficult to get parcels or fragile items delivered safely across Singapore.

Hopefully the above tips and criteria to look for when finding a courier company will help you.

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