Comparing Quality Of Singapore Courier Companies

There are more than a handful of courier companies in Singapore, but there only are a few courier companies which are really good in my opinion. The following are top courier companies in Singapore and this post is a review about these delivery services companies and their quality of courier services.

  1. PCA Masters

PCA Masters is a company that does both bike and van delivery services in Singapore. Having used them before, I found that their service was very efficient and their couriers were really friendly as well when they picked up the item I wanted to get delivered from me. They were well on time, which is great because I have used companies which were not punctual and that is very unprofessional. PCA Masters however exceed my expectations. Anyway, on top of the courier services, they also provide E-commerce logistics. However, I shall not review about their E-commerce logistic services because I have personally never used their E-commerce distribution services before. Overall, I would have to say that they are certainly one of the most well-rounded delivery services company in Singapore as not many companies which offer courier services also specialize in mass distribution services (e.g. the E-commerce goods deliveries and logistics matters).

2. Regent

If you need van deliveries or you only want documents to be delivered via vans (for whatever reason), then Regent is your go to choice. They provide van deliveries and that is their main specialty. There are some people who want to deliver everything via vans only in Singapore, and if you want that too, Regent will help you achieve just that. If you have small furniture to move such as a small coffee table, then Regent might be a good choice for you.

3. Speedpost

If you don’t mind having next day or next 2 days delivery, then I would recommend Speedpost to you. Their same day and urgent deliveries are really expensive, but their next 2 days delivery is really cheap. Most courier companies only offer same day or next day and at higher prices than Speedpost’s next 2 days delivery. Therefore, if prices are your only concern and you are in no hurry to get your item(s) delivered within the same day or the next 24 hours, then perhaps Speedpost is a good choice. In most cases though, most people use same day delivery and prefer courier services over Speedpost’s deliveries. This is because people should already know Speedpost, and people searching for courier services are likely NOT looking for Speedpost, but a private courier company in Singapore.

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